Holland Property Plaza

Holland Property Plaza (Foundation Holland Property Plaza - HPP) brings together national real estate companies from the public and private sectors and promotes the Netherlands’ favourable business and investment climate among multinational companies. In addition, Holland Property Plaza is dedicated to promoting international development partnerships and ...


HPP Community

The Holland Property Plaza Community is a professional business relations network for all HPP trade fair participants , public bodies (municipality/province), foreign investors and Friends of HPP (business relations and sponsors involved in HPP) and aims to strengthen the circle of relations of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and tighten the bond between these... 


Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is a yearly cycling event within the annual networking programme of Holland Property Plaza. Started in 2012, we are now preparing for the 6th edition of this cycling event for European amateur cyclists, active in leading positions in the real estate sector. On June the 15th 2017 the next edition of the HPBike Tour will start in Apeldoorn.



The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) based in Amsterdam is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with around 65 members, organizes 6 network meetings a year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network ... 


Amvest was created in 1997 from the merger of the Dutch real estate divisions of the pension fund PGGM  and AEGON, the insurer. Amvest is a leading fund manager and developer of homes and residential areas in The Netherlands and is active throughout the whole value chain of the Dutch housing market.

Investment Management

Amvest manages four funds: the Amvest Residential Core Fund (ARC Fund), the Amvest Residential Dynamic Fund, the AEGON portfolios and the Amvest Living & Care Fund. Amvest is also fund manager for a number of separate accounts. At half year-end 2015, the funds had under management 19,000 homes with a market value of EUR 2.9 billion. From 1997 to 2014 the Amvest Residential Core Fund, Amvest Residential Dynamic Fund and its predecessors outperformed the IPD property index.


Amvest is engaged in the development of residential properties and residential areas in strong economic areas in The Netherlands. These areas show the strongest economic growth, highest quality of life, and greatest population density in the country, which together produce a solid housing market.

Amvest Residential Core Fund open to new investors

The ARC Fund is Amvest’s flagship fund. The fund has a high-quality core portfolio with a solid track record. As per half year-end 2015, the ARC Fund portfolio encompasses 6,000 homes, representing a value of approximately EUR 1.2 billion. The portfolio consists predominantly of relatively new homes in the highly sought-after mid-priced rental sector located in the Randstad region (Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam). Research shows that these markets offer the best opportunities, both now and in the future. The relatively new homes imply low operating costs. Our policy is to rejuvenate the portfolio constantly. To ensure this renewal, the ARC Fund has a right of first refusal on all rental properties developed by Amvest. Amvest’s extensive network also gives us access to third-party developments. New investments will result in growth of the ARC Fund.

Amvest team

  • Heleen AartsHeleen Aarts
  • Tak LamTak Lam
  • Wienke BodewesWienke Bodewes
  • Wim WensinkWim Wensink


  • Amsterdam HavenmeesterAmsterdam Havenmeester
  • Berkel en Rodenrijs Thea BeckmansingelBerkel en Rodenrijs Thea Beckmansingel
  • Den Haag NEW BABYLON Park Tower and City TowerDen Haag NEW BABYLON Park Tower and City Tower
  • Rotterdam Wilhelminakade De RotterdamRotterdam Wilhelminakade De Rotterdam
  • Vleuten BeukenburgVleuten Beukenburg

P.O. Box 12446
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 430 12 12

E-mail: info@amvest.nl

Link: www.amvest.nl 


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