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Holland Property Plaza (Foundation Holland Property Plaza - HPP) brings together national real estate companies from the public and private sectors and promotes the Netherlands’ favourable business and investment climate among multinational companies. In addition, Holland Property Plaza is dedicated to promoting international development partnerships and ...


HPP Community

The Holland Property Plaza Community is a professional business relations network for all HPP trade fair participants , public bodies (municipality/province), foreign investors and Friends of HPP (business relations and sponsors involved in HPP) and aims to strengthen the circle of relations of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and tighten the bond between these... 


Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is a yearly cycling event within the annual networking programme of Holland Property Plaza. Started in 2012, we are now preparing for the 6th edition of this cycling event for European amateur cyclists, active in leading positions in the real estate sector. On June the 15th 2017 the next edition of the HPBike Tour will start in Apeldoorn.



The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) based in Amsterdam is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with around 65 members, organizes 6 network meetings a year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network ... 


Skymark is a professional real estate manager taking care of commercial property throughout the Netherlands for its clients. We are centrally based in Hoofddorp, near the railway station and very near to Schiphol Airport and A4 Motorway.

We mainly work for German, Swiss, American and Dutch clients, ranging from closed end funds and institutional funds to private equity and specific owners associations.

Our people are all dedicated, mostly working together for a long time.

Skymark is autonomous and operates independently on the service side of the market. We do not own or have any interest in any property. This allows us to remain objective, with an unconditional commitment towards our clients.


Property management is a profession in which the main focus lies on the client and tenants. In other words, it is about working with people.

It is not about being an account manager who is impossible to get hold of or who is slow to follow things up, and it is not about being an estate agent who manages property as a side line, and it is certainly not about management by distance.

It is about being directly contactable, about taking effective and prompt action, about having our own professionals with a sound knowledge of their buildings, and about management that is hands-on and completely focused on its remit.

You ask, we act. That is what it is about. Working to the needs and wishes of the client. We are available for you and for our tenants, day and night. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our service line.


Generally speaking, our core business is property management. The main focus of our work lies on managing real estate. We offer custom-made property management at competitive rates. A feature of our approach is our involvement with our clients, our specific personal attention and our unconventional way of working.

Our close involvement with Property Management extends to the client, tenants, and to every facility party. Everything we do is tailor-made – that goes without saying. You ask, we organise. We operate throughout the Netherlands. Skymark has day-to-day responsibility for around 45 properties, including offices, commercial premises, and retail spaces. We currently manage a total of more than 300,000 m² of property, from small-scale commercial multi-tenant buildings to major offices.

Our day-to-day people-focused work ensures ‘happy tenants’. This is important to us. Tenants must be taken seriously. This means having a human approach – being close by, and directly contactable. We ensure short response times, every day, 24 hours a day.

Management of partly or wholly vacant buildings for an attractive rate is one of the services we offer. We also provide alternative solutions for vacant premises.


What makes us stand out from others? Management by Skymark makes the difference.

Every day, we are aware that our clients are our partners with whom we want to achieve the best possible results. This means we prefer to develop long-term relationships. However, we are equally at home with short-term assignments, even if it is just to show you what we are worth.

Because of the close involvement with our clients, we have an open approach in our relationships with them. We tell them how it is – no nonsense. That is the kind of openness and directness that highlights the value of the services we offer.

Our clients place their trust in us, and we return that trust in our clients. You will not fail to notice our involvement.

Our costs are low, which means we can provide better services at lower rates than do other service providers in the property industry. We offer value for money. Our organisation is relatively small with notably short lines. We are easy to reach, our answers come fast.

Let us prove to you that we can offer you our excellent services!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Holland Property Plaza. Please feel free to contact us otherwise.

Address:  Capellalaan 129
City:  2132 JM Hoofddorp
Country:  The Netherlands
Phone:  +31 20 6 538 087

email:  y.prinzen@skymark.nl
Link:  www.skymark.nl


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