Holland Property Plaza

Holland Property Plaza (Foundation Holland Property Plaza - HPP) brings together national real estate companies from the public and private sectors and promotes the Netherlands’ favourable business and investment climate among multinational companies. In addition, Holland Property Plaza is dedicated to promoting international development partnerships and ...


HPP Community

The Holland Property Plaza Community is a professional business relations network for all HPP trade fair participants , public bodies (municipality/province), foreign investors and Friends of HPP (business relations and sponsors involved in HPP) and aims to strengthen the circle of relations of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and tighten the bond between these... 


Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is a yearly cycling event within the annual networking programme of Holland Property Plaza. Started in 2012, we are now preparing for the 6th edition of this cycling event for European amateur cyclists, active in leading positions in the real estate sector. On June the 15th 2017 the next edition of the HPBike Tour will start in Apeldoorn.



The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) based in Amsterdam is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with around 65 members, organizes 6 network meetings a year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network ... 


WPA is a solutions provider for anyone who wants to improve the productivity and happiness of the human capital of his organization. WPA delivers the right information when you are working with organizations that want to innovate the way they work, change housing, improve ROI on real estate and facilities and reduce sickness leave due to average working conditions. It is the most accurate instrument for quickly understanding the requirements for the work environment (workplace types, resources and meters). WPA ensures you get quantitative input from all employees about their way of working, which activities they primarily do and what they need to be optimally supported. WPA translates this insight into space and performance requirements based on indicators and experience. 

You know where you can profit by adapting the amount of square meters as well as facilitating your 'most expensive' capital better: your employees.

Work Place Analytics puts a foundation under decisions of managers or teams about how they could organize their work the best. The analytics, based on proven models about knowledge work, organizational culture and value networks help our clients dramatically improve the way they invest in improving both happiness and performance. The analytics together with lots of extra information about the way organizations operate, can be made tangible and comprehensible in 2 or 3 weeks’ time, for 40 people or 4.000+.

The reason why we established WPA is to give organizations the power to easily understand the inner workings of their organization. There are a lot of dashboards for management on the financial, HR and facility status of the organization. These are both often very operational and advanced but also capital intensive. With WPA we are providing a range of ‘Work Performance Apps’ such as: Work Place Analytics - Culture scans - Value Network Analysis.

Would you like to know more? Meet Eric, our short introduction to Work Place Analytics: http://vimeo.com/91548131 

For more information or a demo you are welcome to contact us at:

WPA by innvire bv 
Contactpersons: Eelco Voogd & llya Devèrs 
Overschieseweg 35c-II
3044 EE Rotterdam

Phone: +31(0)70 357 05 70 
email: info@workplace-analytics.com

Link: www.workplace-analytics.com

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