22 May 2018

HPP IREIN & REDA Round Table Meeting Amsterdam


Every year Holland Property Plaza organises a number of small, private meetings for directors and decision-makers from the HPP Community and other guests.

The intimate atmosphere and private nature of these meetings enables participants to exchange thoughts on the basis of equality. It also gives those present an opportunity to openly discuss a wide range of issues amongst each other and with HPP.  Over the years, the Dutch Minister for Housing, high-ranking government officials and aldermen have often graced us with their presence at these meetings.

Theme: “Finding a house to live in the Netherlands! An art in itself!”

Very recently Mr Han Joosten, Head of Research at BPD Ontwikkeling B.V. published an research about this theme. He will give an inspiring presentation about one of the prevailing myths in the Netherlands: “The only growing target group is that of the single earners, so we should only invest in the construction of (small) apartments. Absolute nonsense, as research shows!”

Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam

Reception starts at 18.30 h.