European project ‘Real estate without Borders’ launched in the Niederrhein border region

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European project ‘Real estate without Borders’ launched with German and Dutch partners in the Niederrhein border region

Niederrhein/Zeist: The European Union has approved the ‘Real Estate without Borders’ project for the Niederrhein region. Cooperation between participants in the Dutch and German real estate markets should be improved and the markets should be made more transparent. The project participants are Holland Property Plaza HPP (Zeist), Standort Niederrhein (Neuss), Wirtschaftsförderung Mönchengladbach and Sturme Communications as the German branch of HPP in Nettetal.

The one-year project focuses on housing, logistics and urban transformation.

In June 2018, there will be an excursion of experts in the Netherlands in order to take a look at innovative concepts in the field of student accommodation. Just as in Germany, housing in the Netherlands is scarce. There is a huge demand for affordable housing. During implementation, it is important to implement construction projects quickly. Dutch private initiators have developed exemplary housing concepts for students and young people undergoing vocational training. Roundtable discussions are planned with Dutch representatives and German cities such as Krefeld, Neuss, Mönchengladbach, Viersen and Kleve. Topics include interesting social urban development projects in Germany and transformation projects (office buildings into residential) in the Netherlands.

Christa Thijssen – Holland Property Plaza

In the field of logistics, the event will be held at the established logistics forum in Mönchengladbach on 13 September this year. In addition, the event will be expanded to include a cross-border component. Possible topics include city logistics, conversion of real estate into real estate for logistics etc.

Topics relevant to city centres arise due to the development in e-commerce and in the German and Dutch housing and office markets. Visits to inner-city development areas are planned on the German and Dutch sides. In each case, these are combined with expert discussions which will work out the cross-border ‘learnings’ for the respective other national side.

“We are very pleased that together with our partners Standort Niederrhein and Wirtschaftsförderung Mönchengladbach, we are able to realise this transnational project. It will help all parties to better manage the current challenges in the real estate market. Thinking outside the box, opening up new ideas and working together on investment, project development and operator relations is the goal of this project”, said Christa Thijssen, Managing Director of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and Lead Partner of the ‘Real Estate without Borders’ project.

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