In the real estate sector, Holland Property Plaza (HPP), an independent marketing organisation and well-known network organisation, is an established name. With a proven track record of more than 30 years of international building and real estate experience on the part of the founders of Holland Property Plaza, HPP is the most prominent organisation to offer interested parties direct access to the top of the Dutch real estate market.  

Within Europe, Holland Property Plaza connects people, companies and organisations in the real estate sector and supports its (international) partners throughout the year with an impressive programme of network meetings, symposia, participation in fairs (Expo Real & Mipim), active knowledge exchange and in establishing contacts.

As an independent and privately owned marketing organisation, the Holland Property Plaza Foundation maintains close relationships with public (government, semi-government and municipalities) and commercial (investors, developers, advisory and design agencies and consultants) parties in the real estate sector.

International collaboration

As international collaboration becomes more important and foreign investors account for more than 65% of the investment volume in the Dutch real estate sector, HPP is on the lookout for international partners for a more direct collaboration. This cooperative should give added value to both parties.

HPP Participants

With more than 50 participants from the most important disciplines of the real estate sector, HPP has become the Dutch platform for knowledge exchange, cross-border collaboration and business development in the real estate sector since its foundation in 2007.

HPP-IREIN (International Real Estate Investors Netherlands)

is an HPP platform to which foreign investors who are active in the Netherlands are affiliated and who meet each other on a regular basis at round table meetings to discuss the actual developments and possible obstacles in the market. Representatives of the Ministry of Housing often take part in these meetings.

NVA Nederlandse Vastgoedsociëteit Amsterdam (Dutch Real Estate Society Amsterdam)

The NVA based in Amsterdam is an independent network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with approx. 65 members, organises 6 network meetings each year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network.

Holland Property Plaza community

Participating in HPP can be done in many ways and starts with an introduction.

The HPP community offers companies, organisations (private & public) opportunities to participate in the Expo Real as co-exhibitor for which we offer a variety of fair participation packages. Then there are the different types of memberships enabling participation in the activities of Holland Property Plaza for, among others, International investors (HPP IREIN) Municipalities and Public organisations (HPP Public), Developers and advisors (HPP-REDA) and the HPP-SME membership for starting and smaller companies or consultants.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about participating in Holland Property Plaza and the HPP membership.


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