The tradition of the annual Investor Dinner during the Expo Real trade fair in Munich and many years of building international relationships have provided HPP the perfect network on which to base this platform for international investors active on the Dutch real estate market. We have established clear objectives and already have 12 active members participating in the expanding HPP-IREIN network.

Our objectives are:

  • to exchange practices and knowledge throughout the Dutch real estate market
  • to enrich the knowledge of participating members
  • to actively approach market players
  • to actively approach (central) governments

Over the course of 2017, we organised several (Round Table) dinner meetings at which HPP-IREIN members and their guests were given the opportunity to exchange knowledge. These meetings were also attended by representatives of our Ministry of Housing, amongst whom minister Blok and his senior directors, all of whom made valuable contributions to the various discussions. The main topics included the need for new (Dutch) housing projects, housing for refugees with a residence permit and the European and Dutch retail and logistic market.

It is obvious that HPP-IREIN meanwhile plays a significant role on the Dutch real estate market. Our aim, in short, is to represent investors from abroad and to promote their general interests. Given the relatively limited number of HPP-IREIN team members working to achieve this, it is equally obvious that all participants have to actively participate in order to achieve the envisaged results.

Having established a solid and reliable working relationship with the central government, our objective for the future is to add new members and local government representatives to this platform.

All real estate Investors (commercial and/or residential) active on the Dutch property market and with an invested capital in The Netherlands of at least € 100 million, are eligible for a HPP-IREIN membership.

For more information, please contact Christa Thijssen

Our Members


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Deka Immobilien

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Deutsche Hypo

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Holland Immo Group

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HPP Calendar 2018
31 December 2018

HPP Calendar 2018

It gives us great pleasure to announce the HPP Annual Programme for 2018

The HPP theme for 2018 will be “Connecting Networks, Sharing Knowledge”.

2018 will also be the year in which Holland Property Plaza celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Community members can again look forward to a series of Round Table meetings and networking events. Naturally we shall also participate in Expo Real in Munich, and we again invite participants and other business relations to take part in the HPBike tour and several other exciting events which we have planned for 2018.


We intend to pay a considerable amount of attention to ‘Sustainability’, which we believe will continue to be a hot topic in the years to come, and one which we aim to put into a much broader perspective than simply that of a building or the constructed environment surrounding it. Sustainability begins with a long-term (business) relationship and extends far beyond to include all aspects of living, residing and working.


During its 11th year in operation, HPP intends to focus on each of these aspects. A year, moreover, in which we plan to further expand and reinforce our network.


Click here for more details about our annual programme.

22 January 2018

HPP-IREIN Round Table meeting, Amsterdam

Every year Holland Property Plaza organises a number of small, private meetings for directors and decision-makers from the HPP Community and other guests.

The intimate atmosphere and private nature of these meetings enables participants to exchange thoughts on the basis of equality. It also gives those present an opportunity to openly discuss a wide range of issues amongst each other and with HPP.  Over the years, the Dutch Minister for Housing, high-ranking government officials and aldermen have often graced us with their presence at these meetings.

Venue: The College Hotel, Roelof Hartstraat 1, Amsterdam  18.30 hr.

18 January 2018

10 year Anniversary of HPP

Don’t miss this HPP event, save the date 18 January Zandvoort

Details will follow soon.

HPP IREIN & REDA Round Table meeting Amsterdam “The new Dutch coalition agreement”
22 November 2017

HPP IREIN & REDA Round Table meeting Amsterdam “The new Dutch coalition agreement”

The theme of the last HPP Round Table meeting for this year will almost certainly interest you, seeing that it focuses on the changes our sector is facing as a result of the new Dutch coalition agreement “Confidence in the Future”.

We have asked Mr Wouter Schilperoort, Division Chief at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to provide the introduction.

HPP IREIN & REDA Community members are kindly invited to join this meeting, after the meeting they are cordially invited to join HPP for dinner.

Venue: The College Hotel, Roelof Hartstraat 1, Amsterdam 18.30 hr.

HPBike 2017
14 June 2017

HPBike 2017

HPBike 2017, from start to finish an inspiring and healthy event for all cyclist.

Starting and finishing in Apeldoorn, the 2017 Holland Property Bike Tour (HPBike), took the participants through the Veluwe region (National Park) and the former Zuiderzee. We crossed parts of the new created Province Flevoland, new born land mainly situated under sea level and finished day one in the city of Almere. With a great evening reception and dinner in a very surprising environment, City farm Boer Kok, hosted by the Province of Flevoland, the cities of Almere and Lelystad and LAB (Lelystad Airport Business park) we had a remarkable day.

Photo: Bikers and crew at the start of HPBike Tour 2017 in Apeldoorn.


HPP Kick-Off Meeting 2017
01 February 2017

HPP Kick-Off Meeting 2017

As a tradition, HPP launches its annual programme with a Kick-Off/New Year’s meeting. The chairman of HPP Wienke Bodewes welcomed all members in Soesterberg and Elwin de Groot, Head of Macro Strategy Financial Markets Rabobank gave an inspiring speech with his expectations about the global economy. After that, Wienke Bodewes, President of HPP, asked questions about Urbanization to Prof. Dr. Oedzge Atzema, Faculty of Geosciences Utrecht University and Gert Dral, Director of KuiperCompagnons. We also asked some participants to give their vision of 2017 expectations. For this we invited: Ralph Mamadeus, Director of Change=, Stijn van de Sande, Commercial Director BESIX and Annemarie Leeuwen, Senior Director Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG. All HPP members and business relations can look forward to another intensive HPP programme in 2017/2018.

International Ladies Breakfast 2016
06 October 2016

International Ladies Breakfast 2016

Each year, as a tradition, the International Ladies Breakfast meeting is held in Hotel Königshof on the last morning of the Expo Real in Munich. HPP organises this annual event to promote international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and practices. In 2016, Britta Böhne, Director Schwitzke & Partner, held a presentation focusing specifically on the retail sector: “Is e-commerce the final blow for the retail sector?” The 2017 edition of the International Ladies Breakfast will already be the 10th of its kind organised by HPP.

International Investors Dinner 2016
04 October 2016

International Investors Dinner 2016

The 2016 edition of the annual Investor Dinner was already the 5th of its kind to be organised by HPP. Once again, the evening was very successful. The international audience present during the event bore witness to the course that has been set within the real estate sector, which is why the board of HPP had asked several foreign guests to share their views on the policies adopted by their respective organisations and to explain the manner in which they cooperate with the Dutch real estate sector. As in preceding years, it was our privilege to have Minister Blok attend as our guest. The HPP International Investor Dinner is again scheduled to take place on the 4th of October 2017.

Jan van den Hogen

Head of Tenant Relationship Management Logistics Deka Immobilien GmbH



The market from a Dutch perspective.

The Netherlands: a wealthy, healthy and happy country, according to various statistics issued by the United Nations and the world Economic Forum. Due to a large number of contributing factors, such as a highly educated workforce, focus on sustainability and the environment, an extensive integrated city infrastructure, a stable political climate and the joint protection of both government and business interests, the country has succeeded in lifting its economy and financial position to an all-time high. Investments in real estate made by the business community form a significant and indispensable contribution to our nation’s prosperity, and therefore the quality of living, working and shopping found here. However, despite a seemingly bright and sunny future after years of economic crisis and struggle, the real estate sector would be wrong to assume that it can ease back the throttle.