Amvest was created in 1997 from the merger of the Dutch real estate divisions of the pension fund PGGM and AEGON, the insurer. Amvest is a leading fund manager and developer of homes, healthcare property and residential areas in the Netherlands and is active throughout the whole value chain of the Dutch housing market.

The development department has broad experience in large-scale area development and in realising eye-catching projects for the owner-occupied and rental markets. The unique combination of development and investment management gives us an extensive network and opportunities to acquire projects and properties like Cruquius and Overhoeks in Amsterdam and Van Sijpesteijnkade in Utrecht. This means that we can add homes of the highest quality and the best performance to the various funds. Amvest manages three funds: the Amvest Residential Core Fund (ARC Fund), the Amvest Residential Dynamic Fund and the Amvest Living & Care Fund. Amvest is also fund manager for a number of separate accounts including the AEGON portfolios. At the end of 2016, Amvest was managing around 20,000 homes. The total value of the assets under management was EUR 3.9 billion.

Amvest Residential Core Fund open to new investors

The ARC Fund is the company’s flagship fund, investing in a high-value, high-quality core residential portfolio comprising apartments and single family houses. The focus is on sustainable residential properties in the highly sought-after mid-priced rental sector, in the economically strong regions of the Netherlands. The fund holds the GRESB classification ‘Green Star’. The average age of the portfolio properties is just nine years. Our policy is to rejuvenate the portfolio constantly. To ensure this renewal, the ARC Fund has a right of first refusal on all rental properties developed by Amvest. Amvest’s extensive network also gives us access to third-party developments. At the end of 2016, the ARC Fund portfolio encompasses 6,743 homes. The total value of the assets under management was approximately EUR 1.8 billion. The fund combines low risk with stable returns. New investments will result in growth of het ARC Fund.


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Country: The Netherlands
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