Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is more than a trade fair project for participating commercial and public parties. Ever since its incorporation in 2007, the HPP foundation has positioned itself as an active European marketing network whose aim it to turn the spotlight on participants and HPP Community members, both domestic and internationally.

Cities and regional development companies play an important role in the interaction between commercial developers and investors and the ultimate users of real estate, HPP fully acknowledges the significance of that position and aims to accommodate those public players within HPP, thereby promoting mutual (cross-border) cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. In the interest of trans-European cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, HPP Public welcomes both domestic and foreign municipalities and regional government as members.

The consistently high level of cooperation between HPP and the HPP Communities guarantees an interesting network with a broad spectrum of relationships between numerous public and commercial parties in the European real estate sector.

To achieve its objectives, HPP each year organises a series of events for its participants and the HPP European network, if required in collaboration with third parties and/or the parties referred to above. The HPP year traditionally ends after the Expo Real trade fair in Munich, in which HPP actively participates.

Access to the HPP Community can be obtained through application or at the invitation of HPP. The board of HPP ultimately decides who is accepted/allowed access as a HPP Community member.


Interested in a HPP-Public membership? 

Our Members

City of Arnhem

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City of Enschede

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City of Maastricht

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City of Tilburg

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City of Zwolle

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EWMG/WFMG Mönchengladbach

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07 October 2019

Expo Real 2019

07 October 2019

HPP Investor Dinner

20 June 2019

HPBike Tour 2019

Holland Property Bike is an annual cycling event for professionals at decision-making level of the real estate sector and forms part of the Holland Property Plaza network programme. The interest in this HPP cycle tour is growing each year and it is expected that we will be able to greet approximately 65 cyclists at the start of the 8th HPBike tour in 2019. HPBike 2019 will take place from 20-22 June.

Launched in 2012, the first Holland Property Bike cycling tour visited Rotterdam, Tilburg, Venlo and Cologne. Since then HPBike has visited Eindhoven, Maastricht, Aken, Zwolle, Enschede, Osnabruck, Utrecht, The Hague, Arnhem, Mönchengladbach, Apeldoorn, Almere, Lelystad and Groningen.

The start and finish for the 2019’s HPBike tour is in Nijmegen. HPBike will offer again an interesting programme and challenging routes, crossing the Netherlands from East to West and back, showing the beautiful scenery of rivers, meadows, forests and national parks.

23 May 2019

HPP-Public Round Table Meeting

A fund for city owned real estate?

Social real estate can be a real concern for municipalities. Especially for the smaller municipalities in terms of exploitation, maintenance and substantial pressure on the annual budget. In addition, many municipalities are not aware of all the social real estate they own and what value this represents. 

Thomas Drenth MSc, consultant at Fakton, will give a presentation about this subject. After the presentation, members of HPP-Public will discuss and correctly asses this problem and see whether a solution can be found.


Venue: Restaurant Kronenburg, Amstelveen, 11:30
Members of HPP-Public and invitees only

HPP Calendar 2019
01 January 2019

HPP Calendar 2019

It gives us great pleasure to announce the HPP Annual Programme for 2019

As last year the HPP theme for 2019 will be “Connecting Networks, Sharing Knowledge” which was and still is our main challenge and goal, not only in the Netherlands but also cross-border in Europe.

Community members can again look forward to a series of Round Table meetings and networking events. Naturally we shall also participate in Expo Real in Munich (7-9 October 2019) and we again invite participants and other business relations to take part in the HPBike tour (20-22 June 2019) and several other exciting events which we have planned for 2019. We ask our community members to pay extra attention to the upcoming HPP Pitch- and Matchmaking day  17th of September.

We intend to pay a considerable amount of attention to ‘Circularity and Sustainability’, which we believe will continue to be a hot topic in the years to come, and one which we aim to put into a much broader perspective than simply that of a building or the constructed environment surrounding it. Sustainability begins with a long-term (business) relationship and extends far beyond to include all aspects of living, residing and working.

During its 12th year in operation, HPP intends to focus on each of these aspects. A year, moreover, in which we plan to further expand and reinforce our network and integrate the independent societies of NVA and GSVB.

Click here for more details about our annual 2019 programme.

Jeroen Hateboer

Alderman for Culture and City Development Enschede



No regrets whatsoever! The reason why Enschede is an HPP Public Member…

The language and customs of the government can, I admit, sometimes be difficult to fathom for people in the business community. As a former entrepreneur turned alderman for the city of Enschede 7 years ago, I have found myself in many, sometimes very amusing, situations in which this was obviously the case. I therefore warmly support every initiative that aims to bring governments and the business community closer together.