Tilburg, city of innovators and entrepreneurs

In the heart of North-West Europe, surrounded by 100 million consumers, you’ll find the city of Tilburg. It is located in the South Netherlands and is the sixth largest city of the country. A city of space for your ambitions. Over the years many international companies have established a strong presence here. They include Fujifilm, Tesla, IFF, Bosch Transmission Technology, Coca-Cola and Iris Ohyama.

To be an innovator and entrepreneur, you require a supportive environment. With collaborative authorities, entrepreneurs who know how to find each other, matching educational institutes and labour market, and a strong infrastructure, every entrepreneur can thrive in Tilburg. Tilburg is also known for its new and enhanced future-proof retail development in the heart of the city center. Tilburg is where it all happens; and where it can be done.

Our entrepreneurs are energetic and open-minded. The doors are open to anyone that identifies with this. Come do your business and conduct it the way you want, because that is important. Tilburg is a city filled with chances and opportunities. Will you take them?

Let’s meet in Tilburg!

City of Tilburg
Drs. Erik de Ridder, Alderman economy and labour market

Address: Postbus 90155, 5000 LH Tilburg
Visiting address: Spoorlaan 181, 5038 CB Tilburg
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)13 542 8119
E-mail: business@tilburg.nl
Website: www.tilburg.nl
Website: www.vastgoedgemeentetilburg.nl
Website: www.makeitintilburg.nl