MPC Parking

MPC is the innovative provider of MPC Parking®, a patented aluminium building system of exceptional high aesthetic quality.

This patented building system is developed for the future, based on the principles of a circular economy, an extensive awareness of parking solutions and unique knowledge of aluminium production and fire-resistant coatings.

MPC Parking® offers clients innovative, lightweight, attractive and fast and easy to assemble aluminium structures that enable a profitable business case and are also adaptable to future needs.

Investment Highlights

  • The use of aluminium is made possible by a patented building system and full compliance with CE-EN 16034 fire-safety standards, using a fire-resistant coating developed for MPC.
  • The building system has been designed to a high aesthetic quality.
  • The aluminium structures have a semi-permanent character, are lightweight, customized, scalable, modular and demountable and allow for endless façade – and roof options.
  • The aluminium structures are sustainable and offer clients optimized life cycle costs (LCC), with e.g. low maintenance costs as a result of applying an advanced nano sealant.
  • The precision and quality of the building system allows for efficient transport and fast and easy assembly.
  • The initial focus of MPC is to offer parking structures. However, the building system also allows for future development of other building types.


  • Initial focus areas: Germany and the Benelux. Other European countries are under consideration.
  • A thorough understanding of the competition shows an excellent price / quality ratio and a clear edge over other suppliers.
  • Focus is on offering clients leased structures, though sale is also possible.
  • Projected number of deliveries 2018 – 2022: 9.500 parking spaces.


Address: Achthovenerweg 17D
City: 2351 AX Leiderdorp
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)71 531 2516