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Similar to the financial world, the real estate industry is one of those sectors not hindered by borders, that develops its activities where the yield is highest and the opportunities are plenty. This is why international contacts and trans-boundary collaborations form the foundation on which Holland Property Plaza (HPP) bases its activities and continuously strengthens its network.

With local knowledge, necessary to correctly value locations, real estate and projects, a wider European network offers the right background for making new contacts, getting investors interested and taking note of new developments in the market.

Since its foundation in 2007, Holland Property Plaza has always put great effort into establishing a European collaboration for the real estate industry. Examples are contacts with German, English and Swiss (marketing) organisations, all working in the real estate industry, and they are only the beginning of a wider collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Please contact us if joining this network would be of interest to you. We are open to your ideas.

Holland Property Plaza

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Phone: +31 (0)30 699 18 63


The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) in Amsterdam, former New Amsterdam Real estate Society, is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands.

The NVA organizes 6 meetings a year where their members and guests can meet each other in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. Topics within the Real estate Industry will be presented and discussed by members and external specialists.

In recent years the members have discussed for instance the public image of the business in respect to the “Real Estate fraude” well documented by two journalists, with those journalists, have gain insight in the position of the Dutch market within international real estate developments, the policy of the city towards housing developments presented by the alderman responsible for city development of Amsterdam, vacancy in commercial real estate, and international developments of retail.

The location and the themes of the meetings are an inspiration for the development of the individual members and the profession. Every year the NVA organizes a tour through an interesting part of the region of Amsterdam by bike with several presentations during the tour by members about their developments in that area.

Membership of NVA is subjected to an assessment by the Board.


  • Christa Thijssen, Thijssen PR, President
  • Victor Frequin, OZ, Treasurer
  • Rens Metz, BuildingChanges, Secretary
  • Heleen Aarts, AMVEST, Member
  • Eltjo Bouwman, Blauwhoed, Member

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Do you like to meet other executives at breakfast sessions and discuss with them the themes of today and tomorrow to empower your business?

GSVB, the Society for Strategy and Vision in the Building Industry (Genootschap voor Strategie en Visie in de Bouw ) organizes three times a year breakfast meetings with interesting and topical themes and prominent speakers. The uniqueness of the GSVB is the exclusive membership of executives of leading companies in the whole building and real estate industry. GSVB organizes serious debates. These debates take place on a central spot in the Netherlands early in the morning, from 7 AM, so at 10 AM you will be ready to implement right the same day the just gained knowledge.


The structure of the whole building industry is in a process of change. These changes have tremendous effects on the individual companies and make important strategic decisions necessary for every company. It is important to know which way the industry is developing, how others in that industry take their positions and how your organization will be able to take advantage of the new structure and play your game successfully.

GSVB organizes meetings where you not only gain insight in developments, but also what these mean for your organization and the organization of your clients.


All prominent companies in the whole building, installation and real estate industry , from developers, public authorities, financiers and investors, housing authorities, facility managers, consultants, architects, builders, installers, engineering companies, wholesale- and supplying industries.


  • Christa Thijssen, Thijssen PR, President
  • Peter Bosse, Fakton, Treasurer
  • Rens Metz, BuildingChanges, Secretary
  • Bart Moesbergen, &Straks , Member

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Swiss Circle

“You can’t e-mail a handshake”

This is the core principle of our activities. Swiss Circle provides marketing services for real estate companies, real estate properties and locations:

The Swiss stand at EXPO REAL, MIPIM

For more than 20 years Swiss Circle has been representing Switzerland at the most important expositions. That’s why Swiss Circle has become well known for providing access to the Swiss real estate market as well as being an efficient international platform for Swiss real estate experts.

Swiss Circle membership program
More than 170 Swiss and international companies are registered Swiss Circle Members and are allowed to use the Swiss Circle Brand. A Swiss Circle Membership connects real estate experts, thus helping to stimulate their business.

Networking events in Switzerland
In order to connect real expert experts and location promoters Swiss Circle offers several networking events. Decision makers and opinion leaders of the Swiss real estate market cultivate their personal network and appreciate the familiar atmosphere of our events.

Conventions on different topics
In order to extend the know-how of the participants Swiss Circle is organising conventions with renowned speakers. Furthermore these events are used as efficient networking platforms.

Welcome to Swiss Circle!

Swiss as well as international real estate companies are welcome to join the Swiss Circle network.

Swiss Circle

Hinterdorfstrasse 21, CH – 8314 Kyburg, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)44 931 20 20
Dr. Roman H. Bolliger – CEO Swiss Circle AG