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by Sanne Kreikamp

Marketing & Communicatie HPP


Activate your account and experience the value of an online network!

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One year ago, I crossed the threshold of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and became acquainted with the real estate sector as the novice I then was. Currently, I’m many experiences and connections the richer and joyfully engage myself daily in many activities to further strengthen the HPP network. I’ve witnessed the effectiveness of a network such as that of HPP which, in my experience, leads to effective collaborations. The HPP Community is a network that bases its success on the continuous search for, the confirmation of and the connection with and between HPP members.

To me the task, as a marketing and communication professional, is to promote the value of the HPP network externally, but to also strengthen the HPP Community internally. In the past weeks, we’ve worked hard on the latter with the result being the HPP Community app.

Why an HPP Community app?
The HPP Community app is a mobile phone application that includes all the organisations and contact persons within the HPP network. An internal “who’s who in the zoo” of board members, partners and commercial decision-makers including relevant contact details. The objective is to make it easy for HPP members to find and contact each other and to initiate a collaboration. In view of the future and in times like these, we consider it crucial to not only make the HPP network available offline, but also online.

How does the HPP Community app work?
In the app, a profile was created for each contact person in organisations associated with HPP. Please note that it is important to download the app and to log in. Only then is the account activated and contact can be made with other HPP members. For instance, by making a connection or starting a chat. We kindly ask all contact persons to invite other colleagues involved with HPP to make the online network as inclusive and relevant as possible.

Apart from the app ensuring a connection, it also fulfils our wish to share expertise and experiences within the network. In this respect, blogs and relevant news will be shared in the news section and the app will also provide an overview of all upcoming (online) meetings and events.

Sanne: “It is important to download the app and to log in. Only then is the account activated and contact can be made with other HPP members.”


Log in now and experience the ease of networking online
Have you just attended an HPP Online Meeting and are you interested in discussing the subject further? Or do you wish to come into contact with someone from the HPP Community? Log in on the app, make a connection and experience the ease of networking online!

Are you involved in the HPP network but do not yet have an account? Please contact paul@hollandpropertyplaza.eu.