27 June 2022

HPP-Y-GEN about the opportunities for elderly housing

The challenges around housing for the elderly are not new. The ageing of the population, combined with the policy of separating housing and care, has led to an enormous increase in the demand for housing for this group. However, this demand does not immediately lead to a need for new homes. A large number of this group remains in their too-large family home, causing the through-flow in this housing type to stagnate. Initiatives to promote the flow of people have only a limited effect. The need to move often only arises at the very end, when living independently at home is no longer possible and the care component immediately comes into play.

  • How can we change this in the coming period?
  • Who are the (future) senior citizens?
  • What do they want and what do they need for an attractive and carefree “third stage of life”?
  • And what is needed in terms of real estate, environment and services (including technology) to facilitate this?

We would like to start a conversation to explore the opportunities we see for finding solutions and how we can contribute to this from our own roles. What collaborations can we establish? How can we achieve renewal and acceleration? We have invited the following speakers Anne van Grinsven  (Strategy & Organisation Manager Woonzorg Nederland), Esther Akkerman (Programme Manager Formulas, Woonzorg Nederland) and Steven Zeeman (Managing partner at Life Europe)

When: Monday June 27 (postponed meeting from 28 March)
Time: 16.45 entry, 17.00 -19.00 meeting, followed by dinner
Where: Amsterdam

Interested in joining? Contact us.


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