26 September 2023

HPP about best practices in accelerating elderly housing

We read daily that the double ageing population and senior housing is a very urgent issue in the Netherlands. Municipalities and organisations feel this urgency. There is a great demand for living with care and a great scarcity of suitable housing for seniors and care. Often, this target group lives in houses where families can also live. Movement of seniors to suitable housing can help. If we provide circulation, we take care of young and old.

After all, did you know that a good flow of seniors can lead to 7 successful moves? 

However, long procedures, stifling regulations, limited capacity of civil servants, etc. lead to delays in housing this target group. The flow is stagnating. And what are we going to do with the large group of elderly people who come with a demand for help?

There are solutions for municipalities and organisations struggling with these issues around housing for the elderly. We have good examples/best practices for this.

We would like to invite you on Tuesday 26 September to listen – with the market and municipalities – to various initiatives in the field of housing for the elderly that lead to solutions. Solutions that not only mean something for elderly housing, but for the entire housing challenge.

Jeroen Hatenboer (Member Expert Team Housing at Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) will moderate the meeting. Are you interested in a short tour of the former headquarters of Philips Netherlands? Make sure you are present at 16:00 sharp, when Johan Hofmans (Commercial Director at Ten Brinke Group) will take you through the building.

Our experts:

  • Johan Hofmans | Commercial Director at Ten Brinke Group
    Johan will take you on a short tour of the former Philips headquarters, which has been successfully transformed into student housing at a record pace. What learnings can we apply in elderly housing?
  • Stefan van Schaik | Director of Wooncompagnie (14,000 homes in two different housing market regions)
    Stefan will take you through his presentation “Ageing requires renewal”
    “Did you know that 45% of Wooncompagnie’s current tenants are older than 65 and 25% are even older than 75? This while Wooncompagnie’s current housing stock consists mainly of single-family houses and flats without lifts. I would like to tell you more about our vision on this task and our initiatives to tackle the integral issue of housing, welfare and care for the elderly. I also share my concerns and would love to hear your questions and ideas.”
  • Daniëlle van der Ven | Programme manager housing acceleration Municipality of Veldhoven
    Daniëlle will talk about how they shape the residential care policy at Veldhoven municipality and how they keep up the speed, including a nice example: project Hoeve Zuid.

When: Tuesday 26 September
Time: 16:00 walk-in with a tour around the building, 16:30 start meeting including a bite to eat & drinks
Where: VB Gebouw Eindhoven (former headquarters of Philips Netherlands)
Parking: in front of the building

Interested in joining this meeting? Get in contact!


General information
During the year, HPP organises a number of small, private meetings for decision-makers and guests from the HPP Community. The intimate atmosphere and private nature of these meetings enable participants to exchange thoughts on the basis of equality. The themes of these meetings vary from housing construction, legislation, spatial planning, finances, energy transition and topics related to sustainability and the climate.

This meeting will be organized for the HPP-PUBLICHPP-REDA communities.