21 September 2022

HPP about better cooperation between social parties, market & municipalities

Minister Hugo de Jonge sticks to the target of 900,000 new houses in 2030. According to the calculation, this means 80,000 new homes in 2022 and 90,000 in 2023…

The ministry is thus once again taking the lead. Hugo de Jonge: “The endless objection procedures must end. Permits will also have to be issued more quickly. It is time to make a decision about new building locations and flexible housing and transformation must provide some breathing space in the short term.”

However, that is not all. The major price increases and supply uncertainties are getting in the way of new projects and existing contracts. Cooperation between municipalities, corporations and the market is essential for realising housing projects.

With Wienke Bodewes as moderator, we enter into a dialogue with various corporations and market parties to look for solutions. What (performance) agreements can we make? How can we create trust? What mechanisms can we build to keep everything as transparent and affordable as possible? We will start the meeting with the following presentations:

  • Gijsbert van Herk (chairman of housing corporation Staedion) will introduce the meeting with his proposition: Everything has changed, except our neighbourhoods. Are the performance agreements in over 300 municipalities going to help shape this transition or is the urgency still not high enough among the corporations and in the sector?
  • Jeroen Diepemaat (Alderman Municipality of Enschede) will present, via Zoom, about: How do you meet the agreement to realise sixty thousand houses in the province of Overijssel?
  • Theo van Kroonenburg (Director at the Sint Trudo Foundation) will give his vision of the alarming housing shortage: It’s time again for enterprising corporations.

When: Wednesday 21 September
Time: 13:00 walk-in with lunch, 13:30 – 15:30 meeting
Where: Amstelveen


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General information
During the year, HPP organises a number of small, private meetings for decision-makers and guests from the HPP Community. The intimate atmosphere and private nature of these meetings enable participants to exchange thoughts on the basis of equality. The themes of these meetings vary from housing construction, legislation, spatial planning, finances, energy transition and topics related to sustainability and the climate.

This meeting will be organized for the HPP-PUBLICHPP-IREINHPP-REDA communities.