23 September 2021

HPP about building above the railway

Building above the railway has received a lot of attention in recent years. It is suggested that it could be a substantial solution to the housing shortage and that it is already happening all around us. But is this really the case?  On Thursday 23 September, we will discuss this theme with several municipalities among which Gemeente Groningen, Gemeente Schiedam & Gemeente Nijmegen. To feed the discussion, we invited the following experts:

  • Daan Klaase | Manager Plan Development NS Stations
    On behalf of NS, Daan Klaase will give his vision on the accessibility of stations, urban logic and economic feasibility. For NS, building above the railways is not a goal in itself, but they do see it as their responsibility to investigate and, where possible, develop opportunities. He would be happy to take you through the initiatives, trends and studies.
  • Daan Zandbelt | Partner Urban Designer at De Zwarte Hond & former Chief Government Advisor on the Physical Environment
    Using his knowledge as an urban planner, Daan Zandbelt will show why, in his opinion, building above the railway is not by definition a solution and why we should view urban development separate from the development of a station environment. His approach is ‘Why do it the hard way when it can be done the easy way?

This will be the fifth meeting on the development of station locations. More information about the previous meetings can be found here:


When: Thursday 23 September
Time: walk-in from 16.30 | meeting from 17.00 – 18.30
From 18:30 onwards a walking-dinner for the offline guests
Where: online & offline (Meeting Depot, Radonweg 2, Utrecht)

Interested in joining? Contact us.