19 October 2022

HPP about elderly housing

It’s no secret: the housing market is locked in. Lack of circulation is one of the main causes. To solve this congestion problem, redistribution of the existing housing stock is necessary, in addition to new construction. The main focus should be on the senior citizens at the end of the housing pipeline.

The Netherlands is faced with an enormous ageing population: in 10 years time, 1 in 4 Dutch people will be over 65 and 1 in 3 will be over 85. For seniors who can no longer live at home, a place in a care home or nursing home is not self-evident. This causes a stagnation in the much-desired flow of young people and young families on the housing market.

But where is the solution to this so-called ‘wicked problem’? Not only with Minister De Jonge or the local policymakers. To unblock the housing market properly, cooperation between the real estate, housing corporation, health care and welfare sectors is required. How can they join forces to find solutions to this complex social problem? On 19 October, we will discuss this with a select group from the market.

Jeroen Hatenboer, Member of the Housing Expert Team at RVO, will moderate the meeting. The presentations will be given by:

  • Cees van Boven | Chairman of the Board of Directors of Woonzorg Nederland
    “With attractive housing formulas whereby elderly people can live independently together, we must tempt them to move.”
  • Gijsbert van Herk | Chairman of the Staedion housing corporation
    “Living at home longer, no nursing home that has yet to be built and still holding on to the separation of housing and care. In my opinion, the housing corporation – in addition to social housing – also has a role to play in housing with care. After all, housing is about people, old or not.”

When: Wednesday 19 October
Time: 09:00 walk-in, 09:30 – 11:30 meeting
Where: Amstelveen


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General information
During the year, HPP organises a number of small, private meetings for decision-makers and guests from the HPP Community. The intimate atmosphere and private nature of these meetings enable participants to exchange thoughts on the basis of equality. The themes of these meetings vary from housing construction, legislation, spatial planning, finances, energy transition and topics related to sustainability and the climate.

This meeting will be organized for the HPP-PUBLICHPP-IREINHPP-REDA communities.