08 September 2021

HPP about the societal challenges in the housing market

The issues surrounding housing construction are in the news every day. Central government, municipalities and market players are joining forces to meet the ever-increasing demand as quickly as possible. However, in the rush to tackle the housing problem, are we not ignoring social considerations?

A broad coalition, consisting of five ministries (BZK, VWS, OCW, J&V, SZW), VNG, Aedes and the G4 and G40, argues in its advisory report for an urgent solution to housing for focus groups. Bernard ter Haar, independent chairman of the coalition:

‘A home for everyone sounds like a logical wish but it is a complex task. Realizing a true home is not simply a matter of more housing supply. It only works in combination with an appropriate supply of care and support. This requires close cooperation between the state, provinces, municipalities, housing corporations, care and welfare parties, as well as market parties.’

On September 8 we would like to discuss this theme with you for which we invited:

  • Rob Haans | Chairman of the Board of De Alliantie & Member of the Taskforce New Building of Housing Corporations of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.
    Rob is a member of the taskforce on behalf of the housing corporations. As an expert on this topic he will open our meeting with an introduction on the theme: safe living for everyone.
  • Songül Mutluer | Alderman of Zaanstad (Housing, Youth, Poverty, the Elderly) & Board member of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities
    Songül is part of the coalition and presented the report (mentioned above) to Minister Ollongren on Friday, July 9. During our meeting she will explain the report.
  • Jeroen Hatenboer | Member of the Housing Expert Team of the Rijksdienst of the Netherlands (RVO)
    As a member of the Housing Expert Team Jeroen will moderate our meeting with his knowledge and experience.


When: Wednesday 8 September
Time: walk-in from 16.30 | meeting from 17.00 – 19.00 (also online)
From 19:00 onwards a dinner for the offline guests
Where: offline & online

Interested in joining? Contact us.


General information
Cities and regional development companies play an important role in the interaction between commercial developers and investors and the ultimate users of real estate. HPP fully acknowledges the significance of that position and aims to facilitate exchange between public and commercial parties in the European real estate sector.

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