26 January 2022

HPP about a sustainable relationship between government, market & social parties

Online meeting

The demand for affordable housing is high, but resources are limited… Corporations can and may do more, but do not have the know-how. Market parties have the creativity, entrepreneurial people and are prepared to take more risks, but have to deal with high property costs, delaying factors and distrust. Municipalities have a shortage of (good) project leaders and difficulty in applying and/or changing government policy.

Individually, we are not getting anywhere… How can we, as ‘sectors within the sector’, find each other, understand each other better and complement each other, in order to work together to create affordable housing?

In a live broadcast, three guests will give their views on this issue, all from their own perspectives. From home and from several HPP boardrooms throughout the Netherlands, HPP members and guests will watch the live broadcast. At the end of the broadcast, both the groups in the boardrooms and the online participants will receive a statement to be discussed over dinner. After dinner, we will ‘go live’ again and will ask the participants to share their findings in the broadcast. Wienke Bodewes will lead this discussion.

We invited the following guests:

  • Peter van Oeveren, Director Projects BPD Area Development
  • Rob Haans, Chairman of the Board of De Alliantie
  • Adam Elzakalai, Alderman of the Municipality of Lelystad

Date & time: Wednesday 26 January

17.00 – 18.30 hours (online meeting)

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