08 March 2023

HPP Connect & Innovate about the E of ESG

In 2022, HPP members engaged in a discussion on the Governance and Social aspects of ESG. We were inspired by speakers who are just a step ahead. On 8 March next, we will conclude our ESG trilogy with a deep dive into the ‘E’, the Environmental aspect of ESG.

Three frontrunners within the offices, logistics & living sectors will share insights on the E-philosophy within their operations and projects, and share their vision on what the next-level E-steps are within our sector. Of course, we will do this at a very inspiring location, namely the newly completed Edge Stadium at the Zuidas in Amsterdam followed by a round table dinner at Edge Olympic.

We have the following line-up for you:

  • Peter Sagius, Executive Commercial Director at EDGE Technologies
    Peter will talk about their net-zero strategy and how this is reflected in their latest office projects, including Edge Stadium.
  • Niels Baartman, Head of Development at Intospace
    Intospace creates future-proof warehouses and Niels will talk about how their projects contribute to a healthy logistic planet.
  • Marcel de Ruiter, Manager Sustainability & Innovation at VanWonen
    VanWonen develops sustainable living environments for the healthiest generations. They are aware of the impact that construction has, but also the opportunities that area development offers. Marcel gives us an insight into how VanWonen deals with these opportunities and challenges.

When: Wednesday 8 March
Time: 18:00 walk-in, 18:30 start presentations & dinner
Where: Edge Stadium, Fred. Roeskestraat 100 (walk-in and presentations) & Edge Olympic, Fred. Roeskestraat 115, Amsterdam (round table dinner)

Interested in joining? Contact us.


General information
HPP Connect & Innovate is the innovation hub for decision-makers in real estate. HPP-C&I brings together all decision-makers in the HPP network and inspires around current social issues and developments. HPP-C&I goes beyond the familiar trends, tools or views… What can we really do to innovate in concrete terms, today?!

This meeting will be organized by the board of HPP Connect & Innovate and all members of HPP are welcome.