07 November 2019

HPP Construction & Industry Breakfast

Three times a year, HPP Construction & Industry (HPP-C&I) organises a breakfast meeting with compelling, current topics and prominent speakers. The unique thing about HPP-C&I is that the meetings are convened exclusively for managers of leading players from various sectors of the industry, from architects to contractors and from the supply industry to the wholesale industry.

The theme for this HPP-C&I breakfast will be: Does the contractor still exists in 2030?!

Each HPP-C&I breakfast meeting features an inspiring and challenging early-morning debate. The meetings are held at a central location in the Netherlands and starts at 07.30 hours. They end at 10.00 hours, after which you can be on your way to put your acquired knowlegde into practice. HPP-C&I aims to provide new insights, exchange knowlegde and to ensure that you leave the meetings with a smile on your face.

Time: walk-in 07:30, presentations & discussion 08:00 – 10:00
Location: Stal den Eijck, Utrechtseweg 18, 3732 HB De Bilt

HPP-C&I Breakfast with Deborah Nas about innovation