27 January 2020

HPP-IREIN & Finance Round Table Meeting

‘2020 markets; upward trend, stability or creeping crisis coming?’ 

The year 2020 is nearly starting, and even though stock exchange developments do not exactly guarantee stability, we remain confident that the upward trend will continue. After all, further improvement should be possible, shouldn’t it?

On the 27th of January*, Sandra Phlippen, Chief Economist at ABN AMRO Bank will explain how intensely European financial markets respond to the current trade agreement between China and the US. And what the effects of that agreement might be for Europe in general and our sector in particular. What are the consequences for Europe and our sector now Brexit is a fact! Sandra Phlippen stated: “Do these two facts mean unraveling the world order?”

Location: Peter Pan Kookstudio, Nieuwe Hemweg 6S, 1013BG Amsterdam
Time: the walk in starts at 18:30 hrs. with refreshments, followed by dinner at 19:00 hrs. sharp, during which Sandra Phlippen will give her presentation.

*Only on invite