04 February 2020

HPP-REDA Round Table Meeting

“Modular construction yields 40% extra homes”

The year 2020 has hardly begun and we hear the doom scenarios again. Nitrogen, Pfas, Beng and all with too few building permits as a result……, too few staff, high construction prices and so on. But luckily we look for the opportunities and focus on the positive response, which there is also plenty of.

For the 4th of February* we have chosen a theme that concerns us all. “How can the construction of houses be accelerated?” Could modular construction possibly be the solution for many problems?

We have asked Madeline Buijs, Economist in the Construction sector of ABN AMRO to come and share with us her report that has just been published, “Modular construction yields 40% extra homes.”

To also look at the practice we asked Harry van Zandwijk, CEO of Jan Snel, to come and tell us about his plans to develop an entire residential area of ​​”Tiny Houses” that grow with the residents, of course completely modular and circular.


Madeline Buijs                                           Harry van Zandwijk


Location: Peter Pan Kookstudio, Nieuwe Hemweg 6S, 1013BG Amsterdam
Time: Walk-in starts at 18:30 hrs. Presentation starts at 19:00 hrs.

*Only on invite