29 March 2023

HPP Round Table Meeting about rent policy

The changes in rent policy in the Netherlands are big this year. For instance, the liberalisation limit takes a big leap and the income limit for social rented housing also rises faster than in previous years. In addition, the government has adjusted the rules for annual rent increases. This should limit the impact of inflation on rents.

What do these changes mean for housing associations and municipalities? We would like to discuss this at a Round Table Meeting on Wednesday 29 March. Jeske de Lint, head of rental policy at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and deputy director of the Housing Directorate, will give a presentation on the changes in rental policy. Then, led by moderator Jeroen Hatenboer, there will be plenty of room to discuss this topical issue.

When: Wednesday 29 March
Time: walk-in 17:00, 17:30 start meeting, followed by a walking dinner
Where: Restaurant Zuiver, Vlooswijkseweg 1, Leusden

About the round table meetings

In a time when so many changes are taking place in our sector, we are increasingly getting the need to make our voices heard (and that does not automatically imply an opposing voice.) Despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult to make time to engage with fellow decision-makers, the need is often there. A discussion, sector-wide, about the challenges we face, may give a different perspective. Therefore, we organize round table discussions (with a limited number of members) where we can talk and discuss issues that concern us. If relevant we will report the outcome.

This meeting is for invites only.