13 December 2021

HPP-Y-GEN about real estate financing

During previous meetings, HPP-Y-GEN has discussed in a stimulating manner, the constructional and urban planning aspects of real estate and the optimisation of user happiness. During our next meeting on Monday 13 December, they will discuss a completely different facet: real estate financing – and this from different perspectives:

  • Roel van Eekelen| Senior Relationship Manager ING Real Estate Finance
    Roel will provide an update on the financial trends and developments in the real estate world and will explain which specific asset classes the major banks can and may still finance within the increasingly strict legislation and regulations.
  • Dyuri Vonk | Senior advisor Adelaer Financial Architects
    Dyuri will elaborate on the financing possibilities of both regular and alternative credit providers. What are the possibilities at national and international and what opportunities do they see arising in the financing market?
  • Britt Corbijn & Robbie van den Ham | Asset Manager Retail Property & Fund/Asset Manager Annexum
    Britt and Robbie of fund builder Annexum tell us about the optimal mix between equity and debt and the considerations behind their choices.

As always during the meetings, there will be plenty of room for questions and discussion.

When: Monday 13 December
Time: 17:30 – 20:00 (welcome from 17:00)
Where: Amsterdam

If a physical meeting is not possible within the corona measures in place at that time, the meeting will take place online via Zoom (17:00 – 18:30).

Interested in joining? Contact us.


HPP-Y-GEN is a community of next-generation decision-makers, who together build on the growth and innovation of our industry. With professionals from the so-called generation Y from all disciplines in the real estate sector, they form a strong intellectual network with an innovative approach. Members of HPP-Y-GEN are established experts within their organizations, thriving entrepreneurs or leaders from the public sector, all of whom share the same aspiration to make the Dutch real estate sector thrive socially and economically.