21 April 2021

HPP-Y-GEN about the impact of the elections on the real estate market

(online Zoom meeting)

The real estate market and especially the housing market is a hot topic in politics. How do we ensure more construction projects? Will there be a new Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment? The election programmes were full of it. Read for example Wat willen de partijen met de woningmarkt?.

Now that the formation has started, we look at the possible consequences for the property market. The young professionals of HPP-Y-GEN have invited Bert van Delden (Directoraat-generaal Bestuur, Ruimte en Wonen) and Wienke Bodewes (Chairman HPP) to outline the expected impact of the elections on the real estate market.

When: Wednesday 21 April
Time: 11.30 – 13.30
Where: online via Zoom

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HPP-Y-GEN is a debate club of young professionals across the various disciplines in the Dutch real estate sector that operates in a format of a dedicated series of roundtable discussions on “hot” topics in the real estate and with a strong focus on promoting innovation and growth of the industry. HPP-Y-GEN aims to not only connect young real estate professionals but also to function as a bridge between generations.

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