08 September 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

Who’s responsible for happiness?

The focus in the real estate sector is often mainly on the product, but what is the quality and experience of that product in the long term? How lucky are employees in a mono-functional office area? How can the product contribute to social cohesion and inclusion? But… How do you make happiness measurable?

These are all questions we want to think about together on Tuesday 8 September, offline or online with inspiring speakers and a discussion.


Joep Albers

Manager programmateams at Woonstichting De Key


Matthew Lesniak

Co-founder at Conscious Co-living


Subject: Social value creation
Time: 18:00 – 21:00 (reception from 17.30)
Where: InStock Amsterdam (Czaar Peterstraat 21, 1018 NW Amsterdam) or online via Zoom*

* InStock welcomes a group of 14 people. If all places are taken or if you don’t want to or can’t be physically present, then it is also possible to follow the presentations and discussion via Zoom.

Interested in joining? Contact us.

General information about the HPP-Y-GEN meetings
HPP-Y-GEN is a debate club of young professionals across the various disciplines in the Dutch real estate sector that operates in a format of a dedicated series of roundtable discussions on “hot” topics in the real estate and with a strong focus on promoting innovation and growth of the industry. HPP-Y-GEN aims to not only connect young real estate professionals, but also to function as a bridge between generations.

After a series of successful events dedicated to Building as a Service and Housing – A Path Forward. The group of passionate real estate professionals will in 2020 focus on themes like Climate resilience and climate adaptation, sustainable developments and climate-neutral construction & social well-being.