02 March 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

“Climate resilience and climate adaptation. Sustainable developments and climate-neutral construction. Social well-being”.

Climate adaptation, carbon reduction, nitrogen oxide pollution crisis (PFAS), BENG standards and circular construction. Are all these buzz words that cause a lot of political and scientific discussion and lead to uncertainty in the real estate sector. During the 1st round table in 2020 a panel of leading experts from various sectors will share their views on the necessary changes we need to make in the way we build and how to embrace those changes and stay competitive. What decisions can we make now to effectively create and design climate resilient cities?

As a new generation of leaders we will devise a range of measures and a roadmap to a resilient future. We look forward to you joining the HPP-Y-GEN event on March 2nd and engage into an interactive discussion with HPP-Y-GEN members.*

Time: 18.00 – 21.30 (walk-in from 17.30)
Location: InStock Amsterdam

* invites only