26 March 2020

CANCELLED | HPP Round Table Meeting ‘Social property’

Social property…..how important is it for municipalities to own and keep this property?

Now that Dutch municipalities have been given many more tasks, the division of labor has changed. The priority will certainly not be placed on the management and maintenance of the property, while it does represent a great value and requires attention. Sustainability and renovation are necessary and are an important topic.

Many municipalities have therefore placed the real estate in a separate unit in order to have a better overview. They often lack the knowledge and the people to be able to facilitate management and maintenance properly. Is it a task of the municipalities to retain ownership of this property?

  • What are the benefits?
  • But above all how can you use social real estate efficiently?
  • What can you learn from other municipalities?
  • In addition, how could you jointly set up an initiative where knowledge and finance can form the basis for the solution?

On 26 March we will discuss this topic together with:

  • Jeroen Hatenboer, former council member of the municipality of Enschede and now director of stichting Pionering, who will give a short introduction.
  • After this, Thomas Drenth, specialist for corporate and public real estate management at Fakton, will inform us about the possibilities for dealing with social real estate in other ways.
  • Finally, Peter de Haas, director of De Haas Real Estate Advisory, will present an idea about setting up a Social Property Fund. Peter de Haas will, also supervise the following exchange of ideas and thoughts and hopefully good discussion.

During this lunch meeting, we would like to hear from you what your questions are regarding the management of your social real estate. How could municipalities be unburdened with management and ownership?

Interested in this HPP-PUBLIC meeting? Please register by sending an email to office@hollandpropertyplaza.eu. The number of participants is limited; registrations are listed in order of receipt based on “first come, first serve”. Participation is free of charge.