Ballast Nedam new member of HPP

  General news, HPP-REDA


We are happy to welcome Ballast Nedam as a new member of the HPP Community. We have known them for a long time already and several of our members crossed paths with Ballast Nedam. From their ‘challenge’ to continuously broaden their network, they now decided to officially become a member.

Ballast Nedam will join HPP-REDA, our community with real estate developers and advisors. They hope to join forces to contribute as much as possible to an improved balance between the construction industry and all environmental goals. At HPP they are looking for the extra knowledge and partnerships to reach this goal during all aspects of the process: from development to execution and from realisation to optimal use of the living and working environment.

Representative of Ballast Nedam will be Jochem van Uden, Commerical Director Building. He is responsible for bringing the market and the organization together to realize the most iconic and outstanding projects.

Jochem: “Being a member of HPP helps me to meet people and exchange views in a relaxed way. Also, I am able to support the HPP community with my knowledge and contacts. This way we can excel each other.”

We hope to introduce you to Jochem during one of our upcoming events. You can already get in contact with him via LinkedIn or in the HPP app. You can find more information about Ballast Nedam in the app or on our website.