HPP Board Members

The Board of the Foundation Holland Property Plaza

  • Wienke Bodewes | Chairman
  • Annemarie Leeuwen | Treasurer | Senior Director, Deutsche Hypothekenbank
  • Jan van den Hogen | Secretary | Head of Tenant Relationship Management Logistics, Deka Immobilien
  • Heleen Aarts | Member | CEO, Amvest
  • Christa Thijssen | Director and Founder, Holland Property Plaza




The Non-Executive Advisory Board
In service to give solicited and unsolicited advice. 

  • Marlies Zwols | Business Director, OZ Architects
  • Stijn van de Sande | HPP Advisor
  • Tessa Flantua | Head of Sales & Area Project, Central Government Real Estate Agency
  • Wiggert Karreman | Managing Director, APF International