Holland Property Plaza expands network with first housing corporation

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[In Nederlands]

Wooncompagnie is the first housing corporation to sign up for membership in the Holland Property Plaza (HPP) real estate network. As a member of the network, Wooncompagnie would like to come into closer contact with the government, market parties and hopefully more fellow housing corporations to work together in (new) partnerships to tackle the challenging task of public housing.

Anneke Timmermans (Housing Director at Wooncompagnie) will represent Wooncompagnie in the HPP network. Earlier this year, she made the switch from the American investment party Greystar to housing corporation Wooncompagnie, and with her background, she sees the importance of collaboration:

“Now I am working in the housing corporation world, I notice that there are different rules than for investors. They are two separate worlds that don’t understand each other very well. As a result, there is almost a kind of competition, while we can actually strengthen each other.

I really believe that when the common interests become more visible and we create partnerships, we can be of much more value to our tenants and house hunters.”

Collaboration with market and government
Wooncompagnie hopes to come into closer contact with the government and market parties through the Holland Property Plaza network. They are already active in regional collaborations, but are also looking for inspiration from outside the region. Anneke: “The demand for housing is large and diverse and our resources are limited. Affordability at Wooncompagnie is our greatest asset. We also have to deal with rising construction and maintenance costs as well as high demands on quality. We can only solve these issues if we work together. We are therefore really looking for creativity and new solutions”.

Greater insight into housing problems
The network of Holland Property Plaza is not unfamiliar to Anneke. From her position as Director Asset Management at Greystar she acted as a board member of HPP-Y-GEN, a community of HPP with next generation decision-makers. She will continue to fulfil this board role: “At HPP-Y-GEN, I gain inspiration and we discuss the challenges of today and tomorrow, each with our own background and experiences in the real estate and construction industry.”

Christa Thijsen (Director HPP) is pleased that Anneke will also strengthening HPP’s network in her new role:

“By the membership of Wooncompagnie, HPP now also knows parties that represent the social housing sector. This will give our current members insight into the housing problems of a broader target group and enable them to work together to find creative financial solutions.”

About Holland Property Plaza
Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is the network for decision-makers in the real estate and construction sector. HPP connects leading people, companies, networks and organizations (on a European level) and thus promotes knowledge development, exchange of ideas, cross-border cooperation and investment in projects. It also promotes the attractive investment climate in the Netherlands and the good cooperation opportunities with Dutch companies in the construction and real estate sector.

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