Holland Property Plaza welcomes ABN AMRO Commercial Real Estate!

  General news, HPP-IREIN & Finance


As of 1 January, ABN AMRO Commercial Real Estate (ABN AMRO CRE) joins Holland Property Plaza (HPP). ABN AMRO CRE, the bank that focuses on both individual properties and real estate portfolios, will be part of HPP-IREIN & Finance within the HPP community. HPP-IREIN is a community for foreign investors, financial institutions (e.g. international banks), asset managers and managers of real estate funds in the Dutch real estate market.

The main reason for ABN AMRO CRE becoming a member of HPP is that they want to make a relevant and, above all, active contribution to social real estate discussions. “HPP is an excellent platform for this and has a very good reputation,” according to Bas Rutten, MD Large Accounts CRE at ABN AMRO Bank.

In addition, HPP’s ambitions match those of ABN AMRO CRE: to connect with all market and government parties to explore, highlight and discuss important themes.

HPP has been working closely with ABN AMRO CRE for several years on knowledge sharing in various areas. Chief economists and sector economists regularly join to give knowledge presentations and share market information. The added value of ABN AMRO CRE is not only the provision of market knowledge in various traditional asset classes (retail, residential, offices, logistics), but also the use of broad macro-economic and sector-specific knowledge on interest rate developments, employment and sustainability.

On 7 December Bas Rutten (Managing Director at ABN AMRO CRE) signed the entry forms in the presence of Annemarie Leeuwen (board member of HPP and Senior Director at Deutsche Hypo, NORD/LB REF).