HPP & NS about the future of station locations

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(Foto Station Groningen)

Last week we gathered for the 4th meeting on the theme ‘the development of station locations’. With various municipalities and NS we talked about the station of the future:

  • Sebastiaan de Wilde – Director NS Real Estate
    Continuing the previous session on station development, Sebastiaan briefly recalled the collaboration between NS, ProRail and the Ministry of IenW. He also shared the NS strategy for 2025: Together we make the Netherlands accessible, for everyone!
  • Wim Kamminga – Municipality of Groningen
    Wim showed us the plans of Groningen and the ambition to develop the south side of the station into an ‘urban neighbourhood’.
  • Roeland Schmidt – Municipality of Schiedam
    Roeland represented Schiedam and shared their ambition for Schiedam to be more than just a station, namely a public transport hub within the area development of Schiedistrict.
  • Joep Frenken & Dennis Damink – Municipality of Tilburg
    Dennis & Joep talked us through the developments in Tilburg, that have already made great strides since 2010. Their efforts are rewarded with the award of World’s Building of the Year 2019 for the LocHal.
  • Paul Matthieu – Municipality of Nijmegen
    Paul showed how Nijmegen is a great example of a multimodal hub where they apply integrated area development. To realize their plans he called for the State, Province of Gelderland, NS, ProRail and Municipality of Nijmegen to act as partners.

In the joint discussion, it was concluded that municipalities can learn from each other and should therefore talk to each other more. HPP is happy to take on the facilitating role in this and is organizing a meeting for this purpose.

We have also planned the follow-up of this meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2021 with the topic ‘building above the station’.

The recordings of the presentations are available via the HPP Bundeling app. If you do not have access to this app, you can email us to receive the links to watch the presentations.