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Meet the HPP-Public members and cities, get informed about coming public projects and personally connect with decision makers in the public sector.

Engaging in this day will give you an unique insight in upcoming or actual public projects in progress. During this afternoon, in the prize winning LocHal Tilburg, each participating organisation or city will pitch 2 projects (30 minutes). At the end of the afternoon a plenary discussion should bring final conclusions and feedback on the projects.

This unique Matchmaking Day will be introduced in an inspiring way by Rijksbouwmeester Floris van Alkemade with the presentation “Panorama Netherlands” in which he gives his vision on the future spatial design of the Netherlands. It shows how the major social issues of today can be the key to welcome, structural improvements in the future.

We invited the well-known moderator Ben van der Burg to lead us through program and the plenary discussions. The City of Tilburg, host and co-organiser of this Matchmaking Day offers all participants at the end of this meeting a meal and drinks.

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15.30 uur Inloop
16.00 uur Opening
16.10 uur Floris van Alkemade (Rijksbouwmeester) Panorama Nederland,” een integrale aanpak is een must”
18.30 uur Matchmaking en borrel
19.00 uur Lopend buffet

Lochal, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1000, Tilburg
(Parkeren in de naast gelegen parkeergarage Tivoli 013, Heuvel 3)