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‘I would advocate using real estate as a tool,’ said HPP decision-maker Ralph Mamadeus. He took his seat in the clock tower of Capital C last January and shared with us his vision for the real estate industry. ‘It’s time to look more broadly at the term develop and deploy real estate to serve a higher purpose.’

Ralph Mamadeus is founder and CEO of Change=, developer of modern, flexible living concepts for young working people. They focus on developing a sustainable community and offer their residents more than just a home. And that is exactly what Ralph would like to see reflected throughout the real estate sector. ‘Real estate is so decisive. Let’s develop based on demographics and use real estate to help different target groups.

Don’t focus on a home as an end product, but on living and the whole experience around it. Then you’re not really a real estate developer anymore, but a social concept developer.’

He hopes that the tide will turn in 2021 and that covid will have provided the space to stop and think about how we want to organize our society. The most important thing, according to him, is to think from the user’s perspective. How would you like to live and be treated? He also argues for more collaboration and looking at domains outside our sector. We really need to embrace digitalization’.

A great example of developing for (and with) the user, enhanced with the right technology, is their new concept Change= PRO. Change= PRO is an innovative work concept that offers flexible workstations, meeting rooms and an auditorium with valuable services. The concept is aimed at the independent entrepreneur, larger companies and not to forget, Change=’s own residents themselves. ‘At Change= PRO, everyone gets a chance to tell their story and I hope together we create a new future.’

Collaboration within, but also outside the sector, he finds at Holland Property Plaza. ‘At HPP, all the real estate people who matter come together.

The facilitating and connecting role of HPP is very valuable to me and Change=, and the educational and moralizing role really makes a difference. Christa thinks along and is a great sounding board for me.’

Next month in the clock tower, we’ll hear more from decision-maker Paul Trip (MRP Development) and his vision for the real estate industry in 2021. Did you miss the story of decision-maker Ellen Schindler (De Zwarte Hond)? Read her story here. 


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