The structure of the whole building industry is in a process of change. New themes come to the foreground: consumer-oriented building, industrialization, quality-management, sustainability and circularity, alternative business-models, and so on. These changes have tremendous effects on the individual companies and make important strategic decisions necessary for every company. It is important to know which way the society and the industry is developing, how others in that industry take their positions and how your organization will be able to take advantage of the new structure and play your game successfully. HPP Construction & Industry organizes meetings where you not only gain insight in developments, but also what these mean for your organization and the organization of your clients.

HPP Construction & Industry (HPP-C&I) organizes serious debates based on a unique formula. Three times a year breakfast-meetings take place on a central location in the Netherlands with interesting and topical themes and prominent speakers. The uniqueness of the HPP C&I is the exclusive membership of executives of leading companies in the whole building and real estate industry. The entire chain is represented which gives a complete oversight of trends, developments and challenges – on an ‘executive’ level. The debates take place early in the morning, from 7 AM, so at 10 AM you will be ready to implement the just gained knowledge – right the same day.

Stakeholders of HPP-C&I are all prominent companies in the whole building, installation and real estate industry, from developers, public authorities and financiers and investors to housing authorities, facility managers, consultants, architects, builders, installers, engineering companies, wholesale- and supplying industries. Their presence ensures that the C&I-debates are fuelled by insights from different angles and highlighted with interesting examples and projects. This broadens the perspective and gives the members of this HPP-community a head start in their day-to-day business.

Board Members:

  • Christa Thijssen, Thijssen PR, President
  • Peter Bosse, Fakton, Treasurer
  • Rens Metz, BuildingChanges, Secretary
  • Sabine Schoorl, Member





From left to right: Christa Thijssen, Peter Bosse, Rens Metz and Sabine Schoorl


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HPP Construction & Industry Breakfast

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