Because we are offering a complete solution for businesses and employees in Technical, Construction, Metal and Painting trades. We can be your temp or secondment agency. Or we can assist you with recruitment & selection processes, payroll administration and training, and advise you on HR-issues. Our services can be used for larger projects, but also by companies who are looking for just one professional talent. For shorter as well as for longer periods.

Because we have a national branch network, we are always close to you. We are working with the best professionals from The Netherlands and other EU-countries. In this way, we are always in touch with the best professionals in the required branch. Motivated and experienced individuals. Our teams can rely on years of experience in their specific areas, and have an extensive knowledge of the labour market. We are your partner to help you achieve hassle-free project execution.

The DIT Holding consists of: DIT Personeel– Larex Personeelsbemiddeling and Persolvo. We introduced the 7 professional guarantees for both our professionals and for the business community!


DIT Holding
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The Netherlands
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