Real people. Financial strategies. Resilient places.

Who Are We?

We are real estate professionals, delivering finance and strategic boardroom consultation to clients across Europe. Our combination of flexibility, personality, and innovation – alongside strong financial and developmental skills – is unique and we are proud of it.

Fakton is a high-end high end service provider with 35+ years of experience and a strong network of domestic and international investors. We combine expert financial management and developmental guidance to bridge the gap between solutions and strategic planning. And, with the practical knowledge to link our financial know-how to the real world, we deliver unique insights and opportunities.

With your help, we want to make meaningful contributions to creating resilient urban living environments and vital real estate organisations.

 But Who Are We Really?

At its heart, Fakton is about our people. We are creative, flexible, and diverse. Professional, but innovative and disruptive. More importantly, we are passionate about what we do and we deliver personalised services to provide unique value.

It’s been that way since our founder, Wim Rust, created Fakton in 1981. With his unconventional views on real estate mathematics, Wim made Fakton special by offering client-centric services designed to drive long-term success.

Based on nothing more than his clients and their needs, Wim partnered with the Friesch-Groningse Hypotheekbank (Mortgage Bank) in 1983 to develop and launch the first Interest-only mortgage for the Dutch Market – effectively making Fakton a household name in real estate.

And, we kept growing. As the real estate market changes, so must we. Today, Fakton has evolved from its beginnings in accountancy to become a powerful boardroom consultant with the knowledge and connections to drive real change. We continue to reinvent ourselves alongside the market, combining organisational acumen and financial creativity to bring capital and real estate projects together. We bridge the gap between the private and public sector, accountancy and consultancy, and between data and practical application. We are, Fakton.

Fakton B.V.

A multi-functional company taking on financial, strategic, and developmental challenges in planning and real estate.

Contactperson: Peter van Bosse
Email: p.v.bosse@fakton.com

Visiting addresses:
Rotterdam: World Trade Center, 22nd Floor, Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands
Phone:  +31 10 300 6000
Email:  info@fakton.com
Website : www.fakton.com