OZ is an international architecture practice with more than 25 years’ experience in the pursuit of intelligent design solutions and the management of complex projects. Our aim is to add durable value to both users and to specific sites.

Our approach is to create durable, and more importantly, sustainable, site specific architecture made for those who use it. We achieve this by working closely with clients as we analyze a project’s feasibility, future usage, as well as social and environmental impact. This leads to a unique architecture that adds long lasting value to users, interested stakeholders, and to the surrounding community.

Exponential change and technological development in urban populations around the world is transforming cities into breeding grounds for economic growth and innovation. Under these circumstances, urbanism plays an influential role in the development of metropolitan society. Our projects are aimed at generating social and economic opportunities through urban improvements and greater interaction between living, working, recreation, and education conditions. Reducing negative environmental impact.

To better understand the world in which we operate, it is necessary to take a broader look at developments within architecture and urbanism. Our design research is based on cooperation with multiple disciplines, which allows new and innovative ideas to take shape. We initiate new programs and typologies that combine social, technical, urban, and architectural themes. This strategy allows for a variety of approaches, as well as cross-fertilization within the design process. The knowledge gained from these interactions is recycled back into our projects.


Address: Pedro de Medinalaan 7a
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Country: The Netherlands
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