APF International BV

In the first years after its founding, APF was a mere initiator of private real estate funds. Since 2008, the investment management activities have taken off thanks to mandates from foreign investors. This means that APF now increasingly acts as a co-investor in real estate with an opportunistic character.

This demonstrates that APF is seen as a reliable and loyal partner that not only comments from the sidelines but is actively involved and remains engaged throughout the entire process. Our clients describe us as creative, enterprising, reliable and pragmatic. APF now has more than 1 billion EUR worth of property under its management.

APF International’s success is evidence based. In recent years we have launched successful real estate funds, put them on the market and completed them. APF analyses the developments in the market. We identify the opportunities others fail to see or fail to recognise and we dare to invest counter-cyclically. This results in distinctive investment products consonant with the goal we have in mind: well-considered investments with a logical risk-return ratio.

Every opportunity in the real estate market requires its own approach and is harnessed through decisive action. This might run contrary to the prevailing tendencies in the real estate market, but it conforms with APF and its partners’ vision. Our goal is to stay ahead of trends and to develop our vision accordingly.

APF International BV
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