Properties Special Projects Europe

Properties Special Projects Europe delivers real estate investment and management services for the European market. This ‘special projects entity’ will be set up in which all activities and services can be carried out which go beyond the scope of former partner and shareholder L’Etoile Properties.

The motives and activities for the founding of Properties Special Projects Europe are twofold. There are both internal and external considerations which we intend to establish in a new organization.

The European real estate market has passed a turning point and has a positive outlook in several of its countries. (International) interest for real estate investment has increased intensively; a growing number of foreign investors have already become active on the European market.

Analysing the current demand and supply, it is expected that the real estate supply will not match the increasing demand. It is therefore important to be in front of this situation and create new and unique products for investors, both in direct and indirect real estate investment.

Over 25 years Jannes Vos is acting in the Construction and Real Estate business. The local expertise of Jannes Vos provides knowledge of the real estate market and includes an extensive network on investors, (infra) construction companies, developers and the Dutch Government and municipalities. This enables entrance to new (off market) products as fund investments, public-private projects, forward funding and added-value projects.

In combination with the network and knowledge of Properties Special Projects Europe, synergy is expected to arise.

Main activities
For both external and internal reasons, the main activities are:

  • To maintain and expand the European network
  • Link Dutch constructional and development companies (technical) with investors (financial) and governmental institutions (policy, regulations & client)
  • Create new and special (financial) products (fund investments, public-private projects, forward funding and added-value projects).
  • Creating/managing real estate investment funds for its clients.

Properties Special Projects Europe B.V.

Address: Westplein
City: 3016 BM Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)10 225 16 82
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