Somerset Capital Partners is an ambitious and innovative investor who is active in the Dutch real estate market, private equity, start-up enterprises and the international financial markets.

Regarding real estate over the years we have specialised ourselves in large logistic developments. This includes related businesses such as industrial properties and data centres. Besides this we also invest in other asset classes, such as retail and offices.

We warmly welcome sustainable logistic developments and combine this with quality, functionality and image to provide excellent accommodation for logistic service providers and built-to-suit solutions for owner occupiers. Obviously we collaborate and closely work together with leading construction firms, architects, real estate advisors, banks and the governmental authorities.

Somerset Capital Partners is recommended for its rapid decision making in combination with trying to secure additional value. We enjoy constructing to the specifications of our clients but simultaneously acknowledge that the product needs to be high-end at market standard levels, in which possible ‘build-to-suit’ requirements are incorporated.


Somerset Capital Partners
Schijfstraat 26
5061 KB Oisterwijk
The Netherlands
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