Giving people a good home: that has been Amvest’s mission for over 20 years. As an investment manager and a developer of homes and residential areas in the Netherlands, Amvest aims to contribute to well-functioning neighbourhoods in which people are happy to live for a long time. How do we do that? By understanding that development and investment go hand in hand. By investing in diverse neighbourhoods. And by choosing for the future, and prioritising quality. That is how we create a home for people.

We’re here to stay
A good home ensures a better quality of life. We believe that living well means living in a diverse neighbourhood, where people from all walks of life feel at home. Where there’s enough space to live and work, learn and play, relax and stay active. Accessible, healthy, future-proof neighbourhoods, where all the important facilities are within easy reach. These are the types of areas we invest in.

Creating a home together
To create a good home, we develop and manage our properties with participation from those involved. Important issues – like future-proof neighbourhoods, affordable housing and healthy living environments – always play a key role in our work. Through this approach, we make a social and financial contribution: growth in value of the real estate. Financial returns may not be our only goal, they are of course important given our responsibility towards those with pension plans and life insurances with our investors.

Development and Investment
Amvest Investment Management operates around 20,000 rental homes in both the free rental market and social rental sector. They fall under three portfolios: the Amvest Residential Core Fund, the Amvest Living & Care Fund and the separate accounts. In the coming years, Amvest Development will create around 10,000 new homes. These are primarily rentals, but we also develop homes to buy, care homes and facilities. Amvest was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between Aegon and Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PfZW).


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