The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects presents excellent, award-winning Dutch Architects offices that have extensive experience in Holland and abroad. Dutch Architects deliver services, strategies and designs that are rooted in the rich spatial tradition and internationally oriented culture and practice of the Netherlands. Clients profit from the advantages of unique Dutch expertise and fresh solutions to contemporary urgencies.

Water management – Water is deeply rooted in Dutch society. Since ages managing water and land by planning, engineering and designing is a key element of the spatial fabric the Netherlands nowadays constitutes. Based on this vast experience Dutch Architects develop new approaches that are not only managing water levels of sea and rivers, but provide new spatial strategies and outstanding design solutions for urban and waterfront development, responsive to climate change and the capricious character of nature.

Affordable housing – Dutch people belong to the happiest in the world. Social housing contributes
by achieving sustainable and high residential quality at affordable prices. This expertise fosters social and spatial cohesion in urban contexts creating successful, vibrant mostly mixed neighbourhoods, preventing problems of all sorts.

Urban Planning – Dutch Architects have accumulated wide knowledge and experience in tackling urban and metropolitan spatial issues that are challenging many parts of the world. Fields of expertise include large scale housing, buildings in densely urbanised areas, reusing & repurposing existing buildings and accommodating growing requirements for mobility and infrastructure in excellent design. Excellent Master Planning, conceptual innovation and integrated approaches are key.

Transformation – Within the cycle of reurbanisation Dutch architects are giving new lives to buildings that have become unused. Former warehouses, power plants and infrastructural buildings are now boasting state-of-the art architecture and layers of historic identity.

Infrastructure – Dutch housing schemes are renown internationally for achieving high residential quality at favourable prices. Innovative Dutch schemes foster sustainability, functional and spatial cohesion, which is essential to creating successful, vibrant neighbourhoods.

Complex Assignments – Collaboration and co-creation with various experts and welding different contributions into a single integrated design is a specialty of Dutch Architecture. In the densely populated Netherlands and in many assignments around the world Dutch architects apply their unique expertise for complex construction assignments. Working with Dutch architects involves a multi-disciplinary approach and is aimed to Creating exceptional Quality of Life and happiness.


Meet the BNA at the EXPO REAL 2019:

  • Peter Roelvink – IAA Architecten
  • Do Janne Vermeulen – Team V
  • Joost Ector – Ector Hoogstad Architecten
  • Haiko Meijer – Onix NL
  • Adriaan Mout – LEVS architecten
  • Hans Goverde – Kraaijvanger Architects


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