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Royal Institute of Dutch Architects presents excellent, award-winning Dutch Architects offices that have extensive experience in Holland and abroad. Dutch Architects deliver services, strategies and designs that are rooted in the rich spatial tradition and internationally oriented culture and practice of the Netherlands. Clients profit from the advantages of unique Dutch expertise and fresh solutions to contemporary urgencies.

Water management – The Dutch have been masters at managing water and land for centuries. Today water management has globally become a vital challenge for which they develop responsive spatial and urban planning approaches.

Infrastructure – The densely populated Netherlands are a laboratory for infrastructural works. Situating these projects in the public domain Dutch architects are experts in delivering aesthetic and architectural quality for e.g. bridges, highways and stations.

Urban Planning – By having laid out new cities from scratch, densifying existing urban clusters and re-using former industrial sites such as harbour areas, the Dutch have accumulated a huge expertise in urban planning challenges.

Complex assignments – Dutch architects carry out complex and mixed use assignments in densely populated and highly urbanised areas such as the Netherlands. They are welding the contributions from multi-disciplinary groups of experts into convincing integrated designs.

Innovative housing – Dutch housing schemes are renown internationally for achieving high residential quality at favourable prices. The schemes foster sustainability, functional and spatial cohesion, which is essential to creating successful, vibrant neighbourhoods.

Transformation – Within the cycle of re-urbanisation Dutch architects are giving new lives to buildings that have become unused. Transformed warehouses, power plants and infrastructural buildings are boasting state-of-the art architecture and layers of historic identity.

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Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

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