City of Maastricht/Maastricht region

Maastricht is an international city with a unique location in the heart of the Euregion and is well connected by several highways and nearby airports.

The city with an eye-catching character and beauty, also in surrounding areas, is home to 121.149 residents. About 33% of these residents are of foreign descent and many of them are related to the university and the many (European) institutions and internationally oriented companies that the city has to offer. The city’s 10.095 businesses employ over 75.000 people in a predominantly knowledge-based and service-oriented economy. Maastricht is the city of Connectedness: Connection within the city between all residents of Maastricht, Connection with the city that is a home for all its inhabitants and connection of the city with its partners and the (Eu)region

  • Maastricht has chosen to invest heavily in the quality of its city. The city has conducted a policy of innovative urban renewal and plans to further enhance its appeal in the years to come by investing € 1.5 billion, together with our partners in:
    Implementing large-scale infrastructure projects, including the construction of a tunnel under the A2 and improvements to the Meuse traffic intersection and water-management systems in order to adapt to climate change;
  • Strengthening the economic vitality, innovative capacity and knowledge economy (Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, Maastricht University, United World College Maastricht, United Nations University);
  • Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus: a 720.000 m2 surface area for more than 120 companies (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Mosa Meat, etc.), Maastricht University, Maastricht Academic Hospital. More than 10.700 people and over 11.000 students are working and learning in this area. It supervises the entire process involved in the development of innovations in health and life sciences. Opportunities for transformation from solitaire office buildings to research & development locations, student housing and new service and retail functions. Maastricht invested 50 million euros in the revitalization and expansion of the congress centre MECC.
  • Transforming the existing urban area by improving the residential environment;
  • Restructuring of old industrial areas into vibrant residential areas combined with retail, culture, leisure and modern businesses.

In Maastricht the realization of the Etpathfinder: a test facility for the Einstein Telescope. The ET Pathfinder is a kind of scale model of the Einstein Telescope – a deep-cooled, triangular underground laser detector ten kilometres in length, which in theory will be able to explore the universe as far back as the Big Bang. The ET Pathfinder will become a valuable infrastructure for further research into gravitational waves and the technology to detect them. In addition, the test facility will help to optimally position the Euregio as a potential candidate for the construction and operation of the Einstein Telescope; Sardinia is also in the running for the detector. In July 2022 42 million euros were appointed for the valorisation strategy en national monitoring for this project. A further 870 million euros are reserved waiting for the final bid. This means a potential for further investments in the Maastricht region with a potential huge spinn-off. The estimation is that 500 direct and 1150 indirect jobs will be created. In 2024/2025 it will be announced where the Einstein Telescope will eventually be built. Maastricht also has the potential to add 6.000 homes between 2022-2030. Maastricht, therefore, invites entrepreneurs and investors to discuss how we can continue to enhance the quality of our city.

Representatives at the HPP stand

Wethouder Frans Bastiaens
Councillor Spatial Planning, Culture & Cultural heritage, Resilient Neighbourhoods and Senior policy


Fred Sijben

Director Projects & Real Estate


Francois Weerts
Manager Real Estate


Marjolein Gijselaers



City of Maastricht
Mosae Forum 10
6211 DW Maastricht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)43 350 40 40


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