It’s all about the context
In all our projects – from private commissions to complex metropolitan
 transformations – our work stems from our interest in the people and 
the world around us. Our designs are based on the context. When 
designing a building, we always consider the role of the surroundings 
for the building and the building’s role in the surroundings. Our object 
is to create added social value, enhance the quality of life and refine the 
urban fabric.

Attention to social interaction
Public spaces are where strangers meet and this generates social interaction.
 This is why we devote a great deal of attention to the design and programming
 of the ground level and the plinth of the buildings. The plinth of a building influences
 the interactions at street level and therefore also urban life and society
 as a whole.

Building for today, tomorrow and forever

The spaces that we create do more than merely satisfy the schedule of requirements
 stipulated. We create structures that organise and connect and, at the 
same time, leave scope for the future, for new programmes and ideas. We do
 this on both an urban planning level as well as at the building level. In this way 
all our designs are future proof.

Attention to beauty, detail and quality
Form and choice of materials go hand in hand at De Zwarte Hond. The 
combined attention for spatiality, details and high-quality workmanship make 
our designs exceptional, elegant and timeless. We select materials that are
 not only beautiful today but will increase in beauty over the years. Our designs 
demonstrate how different scales converge: materials and details blend harmoniously 
with the building, the buildings blend seamlessly into the surroundings
 and all De Zwarte Hond’s interventions add quality. We believe in work of such
 high quality that its beauty will only increase.


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