Limburg. That self-willed region at the periphery of the country, but at the heart of Europe. A place where more than anywhere else, people understand that without history, there can be no future. A place where traditions, culture and regional language together create a sense of unity that is essential to bring about progress; to establish connections through a spirit of conviction while seizing new opportunities with a sense of pragmatism. In short, precisely what so many people in the Netherlands and Europe are searching for – a sense of connectedness, uniqueness and balance – is plentifully present in Limburg, with enough left over for everyone.

After all, the things that are typical to Limburg are not exclusive to those born and raised here. Nothing could be further from the truth: the feeling hits you as soon as you enter the province. Tourists feel it in the heartfelt welcome offered by the locals, the bustling charm of the towns and cities and the peace and calm of South Limburg’s undulating hills and the Meuse valley. To experience the full sense of Limburg, however, you must come to the province to live, to work, to do business or to study. Only then will you truly understand the full quality of the good life in which excellent career opportunities go hand in hand with affordable and comfortable housing, a flourishing cultural community and excellent education. Together, they offer an open invitation to actively contribute to creating Limburg, together.

That feeling opens up a world of opportunities in an environment that thanks to its geographical location is comfortable crossing boundaries, in both word and deed. It is no coincidence that modern Europe was born in Maastricht. Limburg captures both local contentment and global dynamism in a single region. It offers a wealth of opportunities to contribute to the birth of innovations and new developments, for example in flourishing knowledge-driven industrial applications or at our Brightlands campuses, where bright minds are developing solutions to the global challenges of healthcare, nutrition, chemicals and digitalisation. Through their efforts, the soul of Limburg is tugging on the world’s heartstrings.

On the basis of its urban development policy, the Province of Limburg supports towns and cities that reinforce the social and economic structure. The transition to a circular economy and sustainable energy management determine the future quality of our lives. If your real estate is in line with this policy, you can benefit from a head start.Limburg is ready and willing to help you.

At EXPO REAL 2019 in Munich, we will explain how that’s possible. New government policy and current insights at the Brightlands campuses together constitute a sound basis for new investments. We will be delighted to discuss this with you! Make an appointment or visit our stand in Hall A2, stand 320.


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