Ever since our establishment in 1994, we have been working together with our clients at finding answers to questions relating to the urban environment and its users.

SGS Search helps property owners to give substance to their real estate strategy and objectives. Do not expect theoretical treatises from us, but specific improvements that make a measurable contribution to sustainable, safe and user-friendly assets. We do this by means of inspections, validations, project management and monitoring, in all life cycle stages of real estate: purchase and sale, use, transition and demolition. These moments often require an investment of time, money and/or materials in the property; an excellent opportunity to implement sustainable changes.

To us, optimum property utilization is more than just ‘minding the store’. It’s about a proactive approach. Not only to maintain the building but to improve it and align it with major developments such as ESG and the upcoming EU Taxonomy. SGS Search has all the expertise and knowledge to offer property owners efficient and effective property management. For every improvement or measure, we look for the most sustainable variant, within budget.

Representatives at the HPP stand

Wesley Gout
Account manager Built Environment


Bas Glaudemans
Technical manager Built Environment


SGS Search Head office
Meerstraat 7
5473 AA Heeswijk
The Netherlands

SGS Search Amsterdam
Petroleumhavenweg 8
1041 AC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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